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Gold and Silver Coinage - Honest Money part 2

Numbers are now the means of exchange but only numbers from certain special people not just numbers from you or me. Our numbers kings must be obeyed. NOT!


The rebel yell 'I will not serve' continues in the mind of modern political and economic power brokers. Better for the lower classes to serve through fraud and a false liberty-heroism then for the only wise ones (OWOES) should serve the law in its letter and spirit. Better to steal the purchasing power of the stupid followers through printing or typing more claims on the product of others whilst simultaneously maintaining the air of innocence around the credit number systems. We are good we are noble we are free! Yes, they are free to steal from everyone else by typing a number and thus counterfeiting their purchasing power. Yes, Susie inflation is caused by the government so when your oil, food, auto or house cost more it's not that the house is more valuable, it's that it takes more numbers to buy it; in other words your dollar, euro, yen, pound (of nothing) is worth less and less and less. Thus, those on fixed incomes get less of the pie and they end up in debt that is owing the person who owns the keyboard where the counterfeiting operation took place. Ha Ha Ha!

These couterfeiters, otherwise known as communist paper and number pushers, are perpetually unwilling to respect the property rights of others. This is the main problem at the heart of their snakelike poisoning of the modern minds of their subjects. The tools of their trade are political chicanery, terrorism, third world poverty, revolution (Marx, Lenin, FDR, Mao, Castro, the FED, European Central Bank - how did they invent the euro, was it planted, grown on a tree or mined?) and the infection of envy and insatiable greed for the control of the hearts, minds and property of their blind followers; people who they really intend to harm through needless wars and the fleecing through counterfeiting, inflation, and interest. Their assault to enforce a dictatorship of numbers whether paper or electronic continues unabated. All the while Ma and Pa lose their farms, shops and small manufacturing to the numbers people who have the big number - a number just typed on a keyboard and cheat - not compete - their way to controlling of the marketplace in each and every locality everywhere. It is no surprise that we are China Mart now since we have so much in common with them. We are the COMMUNE!

And what does the controlling legal authority of the USA taken as an entire document state must be used as a money? The Constitution forbids the federal government from using coinage of anything but metallic pieces of a fixed standard weight and measure. The type of metal that is acceptable within the metes and bounds of the Constitution taken as a whole can only be gold and silver coins; this because the states were specifically forbidden from using anything but gold and silver coinage in payment of their debts so as to ensure that states would not attempt to use paper as a means of exchange:

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Article 1 Section 10, USA Constitution:

"No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;"

Thus, the founders wanted to maintain the value of each unit of exchange and in so doing protect the purchasing power of the individual consumer. A paper or number currency is the tool of socialist-communist dictatorships and carries within itself the Achilles heel of its self-destruction.

In a paper currency system, both the temptation to print as much as you want, and the meaningless numbers printed on each unit eventually leads to massive inflation and economic collapse. Additionally, the mere concept of paper and electronic numbering systems strikes at the core value of freedom. If it is acceptable to print a number on a piece of paper or to type a number on a keyboard what prevents anyone from doing the same? In a free society anyone with a printer or a keyboard and computer should be able to print a 'paper dollar' (euro, yen) or type a 'dollar symbol' (euro, yen) add a number to the paper or electronic dollar symbol on the computer and purchase what he or she wants with the paper or electronic dollars. Of course, we would immediately be inundated with demands or claims on the products and services of others to an infinite degree. And everyone would demand the products to an infinite degree from everyone else bringing trade to a standstill.

Worse then all of this however, is how we state that your paper or computer numbers with the fancy symbols ($, £, ¥, €) are not valid except if a 'credit banker' types them into the computer terminal. What is truly interesting is how most persons do not realize that modern day banking is really the most evil of them all, namely, communist socialist banking - see Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx. These modern day 'evil communist kings' rearrange the world without doing any real work that requires either physical or mental 'honest' work and depth of thought. He or she simply types a credit instrument on the keyboard and makes people encumbered with a number debt. Thus, each and every individual on this planet is in one form or another affected by this ridiculous non-utility of the enslaving communist credit number system.

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But the average person accepts these fallacious systems since he or she has been conditioned to 'pay your debts' as an honest person should. This pavlovian dog mentality reigns supreme in the body politic rendering the communist socialist bankers' domination so much easier. If you believe you owe them something, even though you do not owe them anything legal, you will perform your duties all your life. The person saddled within these false currencies will not even question the communist numbering system, or understand how stupid this all is. Worse than that is how they additionally compare number systems one against the other saying that a number from a third world countries is say one thousand to one of the top tier numbers ($, £, ¥, €). Before we see how absurd and detrimental to individual freedom these comparative fraudulent transactions are, let us see what each of these financial entities really are.

Remember all of these currencies are simply computer numbers with a symbol of a dollar ($), a euro (€), a pound (£) and a yen (¥) attached as an electronic prefix. For example, ten units of a currency is simply the number ten (10) with a symbol attached later. Thus, the first step in the 'manufacturing process' of ten units of the different currencies is that the number ten (10) be typed with the keystrokes one (1) and then the keystroke zero (0). But the real magic takes place only when the communist credit banker raises his mighty finger. Pensive, serious but serene and with the majestic air of the nimbus glowing brightly above his finger he types the magic symbol of the currency ($, £, ¥, €) into the computer keyboard. Thus, the divine attributes are conveyed to the numbers on the video screen and computer memory and it is attached electronically as a prefix to the number. Dollars, pounds, yen and euros have been created, wow! Even greater miracles are performed by the communist credit banker when he types the magic one (1) followed by six zeroes (000000) to make a million or nine zeroes (000000000) to make a billion or the truly awesome twelve zeroes (000000000000) to make a trillion. Remember it is not currency until the symbol ($, £, ¥, €) has been added to the numbers!

But as I was saying a paragraph ago, the comparative numbering systems that play currency numbers one against the other are the epitome of fraud and criminality. These numbers usually state that a number from a third world country is say five hundred to one (500:1) of the top tier numbers. Then, to make it more 'fun' and the 'takings' more easy they attack the numbers of the third world number dumping them through massive electronic selling of the symbols and numbers; this thorough and coordinated assault by a number of players drives the numbers of a country into oblivion all in a fantastic diabolical numbers video game. Whereas before a third world country might have a (500:1) ratio for his economic unit now a person living there has say (20,000:1) purchasing power. In other words, what used to take 500 units to purchase now takes 20,000 units to purchase. In this fashion, the purchasing power of indigenous persons living in said countries is crushed by an illegal numbers gimmick communist scheme. But who gains?

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Those individuals who utilize the false numbering scheme on keyboards and computers so that these scam operators can take advantage of these other countries by number conquest. These pirates enter the market with greatly overvalued numbers and 'buy' up everything with their illegal numbering systems and then will say you have to pay your debts. Then they arrange conferences on how to help the third world and wax into gaseous soliloquies about one of their cousins Fidel, Marx or Mao or some other such idiot. But they can rest assured that most people will never be able to discern and figure out the truth about their communist socialist gimmickry.

To add insult to injury and justify in their rapacious lizard like consumption of their fellow human beings they usually comfort themselves on the validity of their invalid actions with beguiling phrases that routinely silences the opposition. They will usually say business is business, they couldn't compete, it's capitalism; wrong, wrong, wrong on all counts. It is a counterfeiting number mafia cabal not a business. It is not an honest competition since it is not based upon honest weights and measures which is required for the level playing field of competition. Finally, it is a credit banking socialist communist numbering scheme of Karl Marx that is at the root of all these problems; these systems are not capitalistic; they are not the gold and silver pure non-debt capitalism (with a dash of platinum) that will bring prosperity to all who work or want to work.

So let me repeat that the manufactured reality of all modern currencies is just keyboard computer numbers which is probably sitting just in front of where you are reading this. Thus, it is the same whether it is on the bank's computer or it is on anyone's home computer as was shown above. The same goes for the electronic system currently in vogue which brings third world poverty, inflation and war. But what really is the reason America has abandoned its freedom money, gold and silver coinage, in favor of the socialist-communist system? The reason is because those persons connected to this paper and numbering gimmick gain great power and control over the vast majority of the population. When the gold and silver coins were purged from the system, the world witnessed the fall of individual economic liberty, local farming, small towns and small business ownership. How much longer will it take until they purge all liberty seeking individuals and claim total enslavement? How much longer will it take?

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